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Thursday, 10 January 2019

How to Open PreSchool in Dehradun ?

How to open a preschool in uttarakhand?

In India, the literacy rate has shown vigorous increase after independence. It has increased from disappointing 12% to impressive 74.04 %. This shows that the number of educated individuals has increased in the country and education now been considered as an important part of development. Moreover, with the increased in educated parents, the demand of new schools has increased manifold in the country.

Quality education is experiencing huge demand in India. So if you are planning to open a Best Playgroup school in Dehradun then you have to go through some easy step given below:
Capital Investment – Estimating the budget required for your school is a primary concern for anyone because money is required to buy land, promoting School, building good infrastructure, etc. The amount of investment may range upto Rs. 4 lakhs for preschool to Rs. 1.5-2 crore for 10+2 school. You can approach banks for getting loan for your school or contact investors for the same.

Memorandum of Association – If you are planning for opening a primary or senior secondary school, Society of qualified members to manage your school. Furthermore, you need to have Memorandum of Association of your Society/Trust register under Societies Registration Act (1860) or Indian Trust Act (1882).

Location – The next step is to find a suitable location for school. Opening a Pre School in Dehradun requires at least 1 acres area of land which can be taken on lease with rental agreement of 10-30 years.

Essentiality Certificate – When your search for the land has finished, the next work is to obtain permission from Department of Education (DoE) to start your school. After contemplating the new school in your chosen location, DoE issues No Objection Certificate (NOC) to start your school.

Infrastructure – After the permission, you can start the construction of your school. A good infrastructure is one of the most essential elements for creating purposeful learning environment in the school. So, it’s better to hire an architect or contractor to design your school.

Advertisement – Once the construction of the school building is completed, you can start the promotion of your school to advertise it in the neighbourhood.

Launch – Organize a special ceremony on the launch of your school and it’s a best idea to Invite neighbourhood parents and take them to see your school in its full glory.

You can open your Pre School in Dehradun by following the above-mentioned steps. However, starting your own school involves many types of legal formalities, which are time-consuming. Moreover, the expenditure is likely to be very high. So, it is beneficial to search for Best Playgroup School in Dehradun. Taking Playgroup franchise in Dehradun reduces your expenditure required to set up a school and to enter the booming education sector.

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